Stress management Induction
General type of stress
Stress management Induction

The stress has been part of the daily tasks of soldiers from the “art of war” until the modern warfare publication.

But last several years, the stress management started in US company and rise now in Europe. In fact, the gap between the military world and business company has been covered by these technics shared and adapted to the goal that want to be reached. More and more consultants are now dealing with business company to train their decision-makers to this high level of stress that they are exposed to. 

I have been in the military for years, as a combat nurse, and exposed to 2 different types of stress (to be honest 3 as it would be the result of the addition of the 2 previous one):

1)    Stress caused by the responsibilities that you have regarding your duty (for me it was about to preserve life whatever could happen)

2)    Stress caused by the environment (hostile environment, poor work resources, poor support from my chain of command or being in charge without team)

3)    The worst case: stressed by the lifesaving situation in a hostile environment by my own....

Since then, I have started to develop technics followed by learning from Potential Optimization Course that allow me to face these situations with more strength.

Negative or overwhelming work experiences can cause a person substantial distress. Burnout, depression, and psychosomatic disorders are particularly common outcomes of work-related stress. In general, individual distress manifests in three basic forms: psychological disorders, medical illnesses, and behavioral problems.

Psychological Disorders

Psychosomatic disorders are a type of psychological disorder. They are physical problems with a psychological cause. For example, a person who is extremely anxious about public speaking might feel extremely nauseated or may find themselves unable to speak at all when faced with the prospect of presenting in front of a group. Since stress of this type is often difficult to notice, managers would benefitfrom carefully monitoring employee behaviorfor indications of discomfort or stress.

Medical Illnesses

Physiological reactions to stress can have a long-term impact on physical health. In fact, stress is one of the leading precursors to long-term health issues. Backaches, stroke, heart disease, and peptic ulcers are just a few physical ailments that can arise when a person is under too much stress.

Behavioral Problems

A person can also exhibit behavioral problems when under stress, such as aggression, substance abuse, absenteeism, poor decision making, lack of creativity, or even sabotage. A stressed worker may neglect their duties, impeding workflows and processes so that the broader organization slows down and loses time and money. Managers should keep an eye out for such behaviors as possible indicators of workplace stress.

Organizational Effects of Stress

Stress in the workplace can be, so to speak, "contagious"—low job satisfaction is often something employees will discuss with one another. If stress is not noted and addressed by management early on, team dynamics can erode, hurting the social and cultural synergiespresent in the organization. Ultimately, the aggressive mentality will be difficult to remedy.

Managers are in a unique position when it comes to workplace stress. As they are responsible for setting the pace, assigning tasks, and fostering the social customs that govern the work group, management must be aware of the repercussions of mismanaging and inducing stress. Managers should consistently discuss job satisfaction and professional and personal health with each of their subordinates one on one.

The solution that some companies adopted is to take care of their employees, changing their behavior for them, the way of life in the office, creating a kind workplace; also, taking care of them increase their productivity and loyalty, decrease the burnout and the sick leave. Stress management course, socialization during event (breakfast, activities) are events that can change everything. Respect and goodwill is a great attitude.

Also, considering people as individual and not like “workers”, make them feeling recognize as a person and not anonymous anymore.

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